Pronouncer Guide

MissPronouncer has come in handy for various folks who care about accurate pronunciations of Wisconsin places, including radio and television announcers, voiceover talent, speakers, politicians, businessmen, teachers, students, and other curious minds. Likewise, we hope you find this free online resource useful.

Simplified Respelling System

a       as in sat
ay     as in ate
ah     as in arm (or pot, Tom)
air     as in care
aw    as in law
e       as in bet
ee     as in me
i        as in hit
eye   as in ice
o       as in fox
oh     as in toe
oo     as in mood
you   as in pew
u       as in full
uh     as in suppose, gallop, cup
uhr    as in burn, paper, sailor, liar
ow    as in owl
oi       as in boy
g        as in go
j         as in jump
ng      as in singer (not finger)
k        as in can
kw     as in quick
th      as in thin
dh     as in then
ch      as in chain
sh      as in dash
zh      as in vision
s        as in sit
w       as in wave
y        as in yen
z        as in zebra

Capitalized syllables are accented

Hope that helps! 😉

Thanks to Barry Orton, Ph.D. at UW-Madison, for sharing this phonetic pronouncer guide from the University Extension. Its preface states, “The gazetteer does not presume to establish a final authority for the pronunciation of Wisconsin place names, but it does provide preferred pronunciations recommended by residents of the areas concerned.”

That’s exactly what we were thinking when putting together this internet reference. The preface goes on to state (similar to our process) many people were consulted on pronunciations of place names, including extension workers, sheriffs, teachers, local historians, students, and recognized “old-timers.”